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Rhino Linings

Rhino Linings is the world’s leader in sprayed-on ute and truck tray liners, it’s the brand most asked for by name! 

Unlike plastic drop-in ute tub and truck tray liners (or other sprayed on products), our professionally installed linings provide the highest levels of corrosive resistance and are guaranteed not to rip, crack or tear.

Rhino Linings products, technology and refined application techniques were pioneered and developed in the USA initially for the automotive industry – used primarily to protect utes, light commercial vehicles and trailers of all kinds.

Advertising/Vehicle Wrap

There is no better way to get your business noticed than with Auto Armour advertising wraps. Our advertising wraps are unique and will have your logo stand out from your competition. If you own a fleet, this is a no-brainer. 

Dominate your competition by dominating the road. If you already have a unique design of your own, great! If not, you can also allow our team to do the design for you. Either way, your company will stand out and be seen with a unique and cost-effective advertising approach.

Paint Protection Film

If you want to keep your car or truck safe on the road, Paint Protection Film is a must. Auto Armour Paint Protection Film helps defend vulnerable parts of your automobile, placing a buffer between your showroom-quality paint job and the hazards the road throws at you.

 Auto Armours Paint Protection Film adheres to your vehicle’s paint without impacting the appearance or paint colour. Optically clear and nearly invisible, easily wrapped around curved surfaces like mirrors or bumpers, the paint protection film prevents a wide assortment of scratches and scrapes your vehicle may encounter.

Window Tinting

When it comes to high quality window tint, there is Auto Armour window tint and then there is everyone else! 

 With years of experience in the automotive film industry, Auto Armour Australia is your number one choice for a professional window tint application, that will leave your vehicle not only looking cool, but feeling cool and better than ever.

Paint Correction

Paint correction is a skill that is often mistaken for machine polishing or “giving it a quick cut and polish.” Although machine polishing will enhance the appearance of your vehicle and even remove some minor paint imperfections, it will be no substitute for true paint correction. 

We take two main points in to consideration when we inspect your paintwork firstly its current condition and secondly and equally as important the results you want to achieve.

Rust Protection

Our specially designed and patented tools help our certified technicians apply coating where your car or truck needs it the most, including all of the hidden areas other service providers miss. This means your vehicle is completely protected from rust, with a national limited full repair warranty to support it. 

Your protection will be maintained with our latest, most effective formula – ensuring your vehicle looks its best with each passing year.